Join us for a Chat, Video Chat, or In-Person Event.
Event will take place on our Forum, Zoom Chat or In Person. 

NOTE:  If your interested in hosting an in-person event in your city, we can help!  Please contact us through this site or our Forum. 


Red Light / Green Light Bate

We know it’s a bit late, but we have tons of requests for late
night bate options right before bed – while others are in bed.

Join us as we Red Light / Green Light Bate.
Bate normally as you wish when the light is green, slow down
the stoke when the light is yellow and stop completely when
the light turns red.  Ending with a countdown to cumming.

45 Minute Session.

Link will be available here and on our forum.


August 17th, 7-7:45 PM.
On Zoom.

Online Zoom Circle Jerk

Join us on zoom as we spice up our night with a quick online 
jerk off.  We will start the timer 5 minutes in and wank until we
all cum when the timer ends.  

20 Minute Session.

Zoom workshop will be best with a partner.


Hosted by the Cox Academy Faculty.

Coming soon.

Strip Poker Night (In Person)

Join us!  Enjoy and old school strip poker game. 
You lose, a piece of clothing comes off.  Winner gets
a prize, and when we are are naked we’ll end with a
circle jerk unloading on the deck of cards.  Contact us
with any questions.

1.5 Hours


$15 Paid Online

Hosted by the Cox Academy Faculty.

ID’s will be checked at the door. You will be given a membership card.

Coming Soon.