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                              Coming this Fall 2023

BateTech is an online course that
will take your bate to the next level.
Take it in your own hands and
make it even better!

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                                                  Only 35 spots available.

It’s here. The online course you been waiting for!
What could be more important than elevating your sex life?

Each week after the course begins we will release a video a week. Watch when you want!
Follow along with our instructor with “hands on” exercises, evaluations,
question and answer, optional homework, connection to other guys and your own submissions.

Module One: The Basics 101
Module Two: The Technique Workshop
Module Three: Taking it Deeper

Learn About Your Body √ Practice Stoke Techniques √ Guided Masturbation Sessions
√ Cut and Uncut / Master Both √ Edging / Marathons √ Connect with other guys

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Course Takeaways


Why is a great masturbation life important, and how to celebrate every session from the quick get off to the marathon porn bate.
Get deeper with it!


Practical, video led lessons on different techniques to get off – good! Learn about intentional masturbation and how it can increase the feeling in areas of your cock you never really are aware of.


Along with the course lessons, we will be connected by a private and messaging group, Facebook group and virtual circle groups; along with the opportunity for you to connect with guys in your area and find quality jerk off buddies.

Going Deeper

A quick wank is always great – but there are other ways to go deeper into a session. Cock meditation, guided sessions, marathon sessions, edging and multiple orgasms and increased volume.


 MODULE ONE:  The Basics 101

Intentional Masturbation

Workshop One: Intentional Masturbation

Intentional masturbation is really the main theme of this first course. 
It’s masturbation that enhances your mental and physical health, and gives heightened enjoyment. Part of this, is the practice of living in the moment and enjoying every singe stroke with awareness.   

Anatomy of a Cock

Workshop Two: Anatomy of a Cock; Cut and Uncut

We all know the basics, but what about the specific parts of your dick you don’t really think about much?
 How can these unforgotten areas increase your orgasms and your time hand on dick?

 Cocks and Psychology

Workshop Three: Cocks and Psychology

 The mind plays an important role in enhancing pleasure and arousal. By understanding how the male brain works during masturbation, men can better understand and appreciate their bodies, as well as enjoy the mental and physical benefits of self-pleasure.


Bate Spaces and Environment

Workshop Four: Bate Spaces and the Environment

Masturbation as a ritual includes the space and environment you get off in.  Explore different ways to increase the enjoyment of your time by setting up a space that gets you excited and reflects your mood and your intention.

 MODULE TWO: The Technique Workshop

Hand Techniques

Hands on Lab: Hand Techniques

Get a brand new perspective of your dick and follow along as we show new ways to explore 
your crotch and and exercise to help you celebrate your
dick and balls through guided hand techniques.

Humping Techniques

Hands on Lab: Humping Techniques

Let’s face it – most of us get the greatest satisfaction from grabbing our dicks with our hand and pump.  But, there are different ways to get our cocks off that give a totally different feel.  We will explore all of these in this lab.  

Partner Techniques

Hands on Lab Three: Partner Techniques

 We all know how to work our own cocks, we have had a lot of practice at it. In this lab we will explore some of the best techniques to try with a buddy, and how to upgrade your buddy bate time with some tips and tricks.

Toys and Alternative Techniques

Hands on Lab Four: Toys and Alternative Techniques

Our instructor will guide you through a list of sexual toys sharing pros and and cons and 
how to make the most of toy play, including some home made toys and some the best toys on the market right now.

MODULE THREE: Taking it Deeper

Celebrating Your Cock / Foreplay

Workshop One: Celebrating Your Cock / Foreplay

 In this workshop we discuss and show exercises that help celebrate our cocks through ritual and intention.  You can increase your pleasure by focusing on your dick.

Celebrating Your Cum / Afterglow

Workshop Two: Celebrating Your Cum / Afterglow

Typically after we cum we grab a t-shirt or a towel to wipe off with, but what if you sit with it for awhile; offering different rituals to honor our cum.


Workshop Two: Edging

Join our model as we guide you through an edging session.  We will push the limit here and really count down focus on the edge until the cum with the model.  After this lab we will schedule a group ZOOM edge session.

Guided Jerk Off

Workshop Four: Guided Jerk Off

Follow along with our instructor as he leads you through a guided session and 
then experience celebrating your cum through ritual and practice.  We will then schedule a group ZOOM for a guided masturbation session together.

  Course Demonstrator | Instructor + Model

Samuel Bridle

Samuel Bridle

Demonstrator / Model / Instructor

Sam Bridle is a career escort, film actor, and sex educator with
a decade plus of industry experience.

He currently resides in Northern California with his loving cat,
but got his start in New York City escorting on RentBoy at age 19.

He has worked with Treasure Island Media, Guybone, and other adult studios.
An edging video with a famous coach garnered tens of millions of views and cemented his kinky bonafides!

Find him on Twitter at @sambridlexxx to stay updated on his latest work on justforfans as well as here on

Sam will be the visual guide as each course is lead by a sex positive course.
He will also be part of the courses live Zooms and chats.



Can I go through this course at my own pace and schedule?

We have designed a course that you can log into and participate on your own time and schedule.
NOTE: There will be opportunities to connect and practice with other guys online live – but those will be scheduled during the course at various times for everyone to attend.  All Zoom sessions will be scheduled out before the course begins so they can be added to the course calendar.

When Will Registration Open?
How long does it take to complete the course?

There will be close 6 hours of video and instruction as well as optional “homework”.

Will I have the opportunity to meet up with other guys?

Not only will we schedule online events during the course months, you can connect with other guys using our free forum and chat page.
We will also help schedule live events in your area or give you the resources to do so!

Do I need to be 18 to register for this course?

All participants must be 18 years or older.

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